viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

me han contestado de francia y no me remiten a españa


I acknowledge receipt of your e-mail sent via dated 05 June 2008 in which you inform me of your dissatisfaction.

I understand your situation and sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

In order that we may reply as efficiently as possible to your request, please send me the following details:
- the telephone number where you can be contacted most easily,
- the chassis number (VIN) of the vehicle concerned (this can be found on the registration
document - it starts VF and consists of 17 characters).
- the date on which your vehicle was first registered.
- the name, address and telephone number of your Peugeot local dealership.
- your presice expectation from Peugoet France on this matter

Upon receipt of this information, a Customer Manager will deal with your request. He will contact you personally as soon as he has all the information required to provide the most appropriate response.

For your information, the address of the Customer Relations Department is :
Automobiles Peugeot
Service Relations Clientèle
Case 500 BP 0116
75761 Paris Cedex 16

Please include the original text in your reply (using the "reply" function). This will enable me to process your query more quickly.

Thank you for your trust.

Yours sincerely,

Celine Dxxxxx
Customer Agent
Peugeot Customer Contact Centre

<===== Reçu de sur 2008-06-05-09.07..48.000000 ======>

Type : Particulier
Civilité : Mr
Nom : fco javier
Prénom: txxxxx mxxxxx
Email :
Téléphone: 0034927xxxxx
Adresse : los txxxx nxxx;cxxxxxx -espaa
Code postal : 10004
Ville : cxxxxxx
Pays : SPAIN
Moyen de contact : Email
Marque du véhicule actuel : PEUGEOT
Modèle du véhicule actuel : 307
Date de mise en service : 21/10/2003
Intérêt 1 :
Intérêt 2 :
Achat :
Accepte d'être contacté : oui
Question: my car is a 307sw 2.0 hdi pack made in sochaux in year a
bad car only problems. only 25000kms and is the second
massdumper,vibrations ,electronic falls,in spain bad peugeot service.i`m
very angry with the car,i need a solution peugeot never ever
"Si vous répondez à ce message, vous pouvez inclure l'historique pour que l'identifiant de conversation suivant «[THREAD_ID:14648597]» soit inclus dans votre réponse.

esto es raro me piden informacion y ademas me dicen que es lo que espero de peugeot francia e incluso me han dado la direccion de atencion de la marca en francia,ya les he contestado y esperare a ver que me dicen o solucionan. -de momento no me han remitido a desatencion al cliente peyot españa-

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